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Professional Window Replacement

When it’s time to replace your windows, your home will let you know. You may feel drafts throughout your interior spaces or around your windows. Windows may leak or let in outdoor noise or humidity. A window that needs to be replaced may also be difficult to open and close.

For all your window replacement needs, turn to Viva Windows. We are a full-service window manufacturing plant and provide new window installation and window replacement for homeowners in the San Antonio area.

Our mission is to provide high-quality, energy-efficient replacement windows that you can afford and that will last. We provide a limited lifetime warranty on all our windows and doors.


Why Choose Vinyl Windows?

Vinyl windows are well-known for their insulating properties. Compared to materials such as wood, aluminum and steel, vinyl is far superior in thermal performance.

Quality Windows
Our vinyl windows at Viva Windows are manufactured using 100% virgin vinyl from VEKA Inc., the world leader in vinyl extrusion. VEKA provides the highest quality vinyl on the market with increased performance in strength, surface texture, weatherability, shrinkage and durability.

Choosing windows made with 100% virgin vinyl components means your windows will not shrink, warp, chip, peel or rust. It also allows for enhanced durability, consistent coloring and lower maintenance.

Viva 4600 SS (Single Slider)

Our most affordable sliding window, this window combines performance and thermal efficiency with exceptional value. It comes with slim sight lines to maximize the glass area with insulated glass and fully welded sashes and frames. With high-quality components for smooth operation, this window is highly energy efficient and comes in your choice of glass options.

Viva 4600 SH (Single Hung)

As our most affordable single-hung window, the Viva 4600 SH allows for ventilation through a single lower rash. Dual weather stripping, high-grade locks and slim sight lines make this window secure, beautiful and efficient. It’s also available in different colors and black laminate, and has a lower tilting sash for easy cleaning. This window is specifically designed for outstanding performance in the south central Texas region. A sloped sill on the outside allows for easy water runoff.

Viva 4600 PW (Picture Window)

This is our most affordable picture window. These large, fixed windows cannot be opened and consist of single panes of glass to maximize views without obstructions. The number of seals are minimized while security is maximized, providing the best overall performance in our 4600 series. It’s also available in a variety of colors and black laminate to suit your style with customizable glass options for the utmost thermal efficiency.

Viva 5500 CA (Casement)

Our premier casement windows open outward and possess an amazing refrigerator-like seal designed for extreme thermal efficiency. Opening and closing these windows is effortless and they provide the greatest ventilation options for your home. They have multi-chambered vinyl profiles for thermal efficiency, optimum designed aluminum sash reinforcement and multiple glazing bead options using dual durometer.


Viva Windows © 2023. All Rights Reserved

Viva Windows © 2023. All Rights Reserved