Should You Replace Your Windows All at Once?

Functionality, safety, aesthetics, and damage are some of the main reasons to consider replacing the windows in your house. However, many factors determine the number of windows you can replace. Prolonged exposure to weather elements may damage your windows which may warrant replacing one or all the windows in your house. Redesigning one’s home often […]

Understanding How Window Seals Work

While walking through your home, you notice a foggy window, or you reach over to shut a window and note that the pane feels especially cold or hot. You likely found a window with a cracked or broken seal. Cracked or broken window seals don’t start out as a severe problem, but unaddressed, they can […]

How New Windows Can Improve Your Home’s Energy Efficiency

Windows are often the largest source of heat loss or gain in a home, and it is estimated that up to 20% of a home’s energy costs can be reduced by installing energy-efficient windows. Installing new windows allows you to save on your monthly energy bills, which will end up paying for the new windows […]

San Antonio Windows Purchasing Guide

The good news about window buying is there is a vast variety of styles and prices at your fingertips. The bad news is that, with this, the choices may be overwhelming. But have no fear, Viva Windows is here! We will make sure you are fully informed to make any necessary decisions and are happy […]

How To Maintain Wood Windows San Antonio

The key to beautiful and long-lasting wood windows is maintenance. Inspecting and cleaning monthly will prevent damage and allow you to recognize problems early, when it‚Äôs easier and cheaper to repair them. With these types of windows in particular, location is important. Windows on the south side of your home or more vulnerable to weathering. […]